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Natural Indian summer drink-Thandai

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Each pack contains 100 gm thandai mixture


Dried rose petals

Dried Melon seeds(water melon, musk melon and cucumber)

Peppercorns (kali Mirch)

Green Cardmom(choti Elaichi)

Fennel seeds(saunf)



White poppy seeds(khus khus)

The ingredients are not powdered, packed in dried natural form. 

Preperation (Recipe)


  • the ingredients are soaked 5-6 hours in water(just enough to cover them). 
  • Soaked almonds and pistachios are peeled. 
  • All the ingredients are ground into fine paste.
  • This paste is then mixed with sweetened milk (can add sugar/ honey of artificial sweetener). 
  • Add Tsp of paste to 1 glass of milk. Amount of paste can be increased or decreased as per choice. This Thandai is then seived(preferably with double layer mulmul or mul cotton cloth) and served cold with ice cubes.

More almods and pistachios can be added as per ones taste. Saffron can also be added.

Alternatively Dry grind the ingredients into fine mixture and store in air-tight container. Soak it in sweetened milk for an hour, seive using mul cotton cloth and serve cold.

This healthy and nutritious drink is popular North Indian drink that helps to beat the heat in summer.

The herbs and spices added not just add to flavor but also have cooling and anti-oxidant properties.